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Biomedical Signal Processing

The Sleeping Brain Lab, Johns Hopkins University

Postdoctoral research fellow

Our laboratory is seeking candidates for the position of Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Our research: The main focus of The Sleeping Brain Lab is to examine the interface of human sleep and cognition. Taking a cognitive neuroscience approach, we use human electroencephalography (EEG) and other modalities of sleep to examine the influence of sleep on perception, memory, attention and plasticity, both in healthy people and in human diseases. For example, can the brain perceive noises while asleep without waking up? Does sleep boost memory? What are the cognitive consequences of sleep deprivation?

Requirements: Advanced degree in a quantitative discipline such as engineering, applied mathematics, computer science, psychology, physics or neuroscience. Experience with MATLAB or other high-level programming language.  Preference will be given to those with experience or skills relevant for signal processing of time-series data. 

The candidate does not necessarily need knowledge of sleep physiology, but simply a willingness to apply their skills and intellectual creativity to the topic of human sleep and cognition.

Anticipated start time is flexible.

How to find out more information, and how to apply:

For more information about our lab, see our website:

For further questions, please contact lab director:

        Jeffrey M. Ellenbogen, MMSc, MD 

        jme {at}

To apply, email CV, brief cover letter, and list of 2-3 references to lab director:

        Jeffrey M. Ellenbogen, MMSc, MD 

        jme {at}